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What can I do to help?

Posted on December 01 2014

What can I do to help?
When I think of all the things I cant do to help rescue animals in need, I try and shift my focus on the things I CAN do. I can help by volunteering on my Facebook page, helping lost dogs. I can donate items, food, my time, money. But yet I wish there was more. I try and involve my friends and family when I can. This campaign hit me when I saw it, and I thought. Wow, I wish someone would do this, and I'd buy to support their rescue.. then I thought, why dont I start this, and donate each quarter to a worthy MN rescue? So I started this page! MN based dog rescue. And I couldnt be more thrilled with another avenue in which to help! I started it late in the quarter so I hope things pick up and I can give a big donation to our first recipient PetHaven of MN (where my own rescue dog came from) so please, help if you can. If you cant share, this and any lost dog, or foster needed you see. Its such a powerful tool!! I'd love to end the homeless issue we have for dogs in MN and we can all work together to make that happen, or at least help it in some small way :-)

Thank you!
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