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What a Journey

Posted on September 30 2014

What a Journey
This is a story of the highs and lows of my journey to finally getting the proper treatment and diagnosis, while I lived in Florida I had a doctor who I kept going to for dizziness, migranes, falls, body pains, spasms. She kept saying it is depression gave me pills, oh it is your ears, then I was having memory lapses, and she put me on Ridalin and said I had ADD. She kept pushing pills, xanax, antidepressants, pills for ADD etc. I moved out of Orlando and went south to Port St Lucie got out of the work I had been doing for 28 years cause they said the Mortgage Business was heading me to death and I got a job waitressing lived with my daughter then got my own place with roomies and I would get lost driving and then I had an accident at work don't remember how it happened but broke my foot and when someone went to hug me broke 3 of my ribs again more doctors hospitals and I had the boot cast on my foot had to get a lawyer but since I could not remember how it happen I got a little compensation and then I decided to follow my daughter to NY they said get hospitals, medical I could get help with. I went there and got rush to the ER and I was on the edge of going into a diabetic coma. I got put in the hospital and told the doctors I had problems walking falling memory sleep issues and it was a clinic but they gave me a walker and sent me home I got a primary care doctor to help with the diabetics and got sent to have everything checked my feet, my blood, and then a heart doctor who saw me fall with a walker and had me rushed into a hospital, they ran all kinds of tests and the one that puzzled me was an MRI and the day after I had that I had MS I said what is that, he said (the neuro) have you heard of Montel Williams I said of course he said he has it then all of the med students left and I got discharged, I call SS they did a phone interview with me and then they sent me to their doctor and after 20 minutes there they said you have MS for Sure and also you have had it a long time and within 30 days I deamed disabled and it was not tempory. But I had a primary care doctor who kept saying no no no you are too old to have MS and no one in your family has it. My life was going down hill the depression the not knowing was causing me to spin into a deep depression I looked horrible and withdrew from friends family and in the middle of all this I lost the one man who was like my son get murdered and I decided to leave NY got to Colorado where they said the best Neuros are there. Backed my suitcase kissed my two grandchildren told them I loved them and got on a plane and left for 2 months and again yes you have MS but still no information and I went back to NY to tell my doctor there I do have it and still he said nope to old. I started looking up information and trying to understand what it was and for the pain I went to a Jamacian man who told me to drink this special juice and smoke all natural marijuana they believe in tea made with leaves, all kinds of natural things was being given to me to help me out with out falling and looking drunk getting lost, falling down stairs and I lived in the Bronx so to get places it was buses and subways and I would sit and cry cause i was lost.

Last March my daughter asked if I wanted to leave NY I said when I am ready it is too cold, expensive and I need proper care for this MS. So I packed up what I thought was importand and moved it into her home and then packed up her home except the teenagers rooms they wanted to go thru things she found us a place out her, found a job and I found the movers and we loaded the car and we left and drove across the US I took many photos of the states we went thru and with 2 teenagers a 2 yr old and 2 dogs and 3 adults we drove and drove and then we got to Las Vegas and we moved into an empty house waiting for movers that took 6 weeks but we did it and I did my phone calls and got a great doctor right down the street I walked in and found peace inside his office and then spent 3 hours with him while I got exam and he got his nurse and staff on top of getting my records ordered tests that I got done right away, he compared the MRI's and said that my brain was covered in lesions since it had gone untreated and we went over the MRI and to top it off he found a brain tumor and set me up with a well known Neuro and she ran tests and finally after so many years I got treatment I wasn't crazy or it wasn't my ears, it wasn't whatever they said but it was MS and they wanted to make sure it was not in my spine and finally know it is not in my spine and yes I am going through stages like grief 7 of them and finally learning about MS I belong to groups on Facebook, I am a memeber of the MS soceity and I have become a sponge learning as much as I can. I may have MS but it doesn't have me and I will not go down without a fight. I am a Gladiator and no disease will beat me. I am going to speak at my grand daughters high school about MS and I am going to start doing some really positive things in my life. I want to get my grandchildren braclets to wear for me and the high school is going to wear orange this week since that is the color of MS. And I am going to start blogging in a positive way I don't complain, working on positive is what I need and I am getting a dragonfly outlined in orange with my youngest grandson name on it since he is so good with helping me he is only 3 and I have the other kids name in Orin stars on my chest near my heart. So this is my story that I have never shared like this before. My daughter is my memory and caretaker and I feel great since I have my very first place and do crafts and write and trying to educate people started out with my family....thank you for reading.
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