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Warren's Story

Posted on April 24 2015

Warren's Story
Warren was born on Christmas Eve 2014, at 12:04 pm he was 19" long and 6lbs and 14oz. He was three weeks early original due date was January 17th 2015. When he was born I was told he was super healthy, he had some issues with his blood sugar and eating but we overcame that. On December 27th 2014 we were concerned about his jaundice because it normally goes away but he was super yellow and so were his eyes. That's when we made the trip to children's close to home for blood work and I got the call and was told to rush him to Nationwide children's hospital to the ER. Who knew it was going to be a long journey ahead of us.. We spent almost a week in the NICU at NCH with no diagnoses but suspicion for what is called biliary atresia Warren was just 3 weeks old,until then I have never heard of this disease. So we went home for about a week maybe a week and half on Jnauary 12th 2015 he went to his GI doctor at NCH and was admitted that day for suspicious stools.. On January 14th means two things to me it is his grandpas birthday and the day he was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. Worst day of my life. Two weeks later on January 28th at just 5 weeks old Warren went for the only cure of biliary atresia the Kasai Procedure. He did great, had ups and downs with coming home we spent two weeks at NCH. He is almost 3 months post- Kasai and is doing great ,until April 21st when he was diagnosed with portal hypertension and possible bleeding varicies which if his varicies are bleeding he will be placed on the transplant list. He is happy 4 month old who is trying to sit up clap and laugh if you look at him he doesn't look sick, but he is very sick, telling warrens story won't take it away but it maybe possible to save another baby's life. biliary atresia is very rare 1/15,000 infants are effected and its life threatening. I created a Facebook page for him also when he was diagnosed with BA
Prayers and Support for baby Warren I provide daily updates
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