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Victoria Acres Equine Facility - Equine Assisted Therapy

Posted on December 08 2014

Victoria Acres Equine Facility - Equine Assisted Therapy
We started our programs 2 years ago and our first Horse Sense program was attended by 6 individuals through a grant we received. We were so excited to get this program going and couldn't wait to see the changes it would make in these individuals lives. We didn't add the riding portion of the program until a few weeks into it so that we could get the participants comfortable around the horses and be able to teach them how to be safe around the horses. Then the week came for the participants to ride and on this particular night Timmy came for his session night and he was so afraid that he was going to be riding. He said he wasn't going to do it, but his parents and the staff at Victoria Acres worked together to convince Timmy that he could do it. So with much hesitation, concern and fear Timmy got on Barnaby our one eyed 1,700 pound Belgian Draft cross horse and off they went. The first time around the arena Timmy raised his fingers to wave to his parents who where outside the arena cheering him on, the second time around more confident he waved to his parents, the third time around with a big smile on his face he looked at his parents and really waved to them. After he got off of Barnaby he came running to the gate of the arena and said to his parents, "I did it, I was BRAVE!" They told him yes he was as tears ran down his parents faces. On the last night of our 10 week program we gave all the participants a medal and when our Executive Director placed it around Timmy's neck she told Timmy he was a champion. Timmy was so excited and said "I've never been a champion" and Erin told him he was our champion and always would be. There was not a dry eye in the barn that night. Timmy and all the participants of our programs give us the courage to continue to do what we do and to love every minute of it. We change lives one individual at a time through equine assisted therapies by encouraging, educating and empowering them. Please help support Victoria Acres Equine Facility with a purchase of our BRAVELET so we can continue to offer these wonderful services and create new brave stories over and over again. Thank you.
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