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UTMB Blocker Burn Unit

Posted on August 08 2016

UTMB Blocker Burn Unit
October 13, 2011, was a day like any other day. In a twist of fate, Gordon was driving a work truck that was involved in an awful accident. The truck turned over and caught fire. Gordon was badly burned. He was life flighted to Galveston's UTMB Blocker Burn Unit. His wife, Deb, rushed to his side.

They doctors and nurses found that Gordon had third degree burns to his arms, hands, face, leg, back, and stomach. He spent about three weeks in ICU undergoing painful cleanings and wound care. For the next two years he returned to the unit for cleanings and surgeries. The burns on his hands have been difficult to repair. He continues to have surgeries to adjust the regrowth of new skin and relieve scars.

Gordon and Deb both talk about the amazing and caring treatment that he has received from them over these past five years. He has endured many trips and much pain in his healing process. Today, he is working, driving, and looks great thanks to the caring and talented doctors and nurses at the UTMB Blocker Burn Unit.

Today, students attending our school conduct a personal care supply drive to help support patients and family members during these emergencies. Support will always be needed as the unit does not always have quality items to assist with patient care. Family members often arrive unprepared because of emergency situations. We will continue to find ways to support the Blocker Burn Unit by giving back. They have been a blessing to our dear friends. Go to terimcginnis.bravelets.com to help.
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