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Unexpected twist

Posted on September 12 2012

A year ago on 6/20/11 I had THE shock of my life. My daughter was diagnosed with early on-set dementia. She was 40 yrs old. She is mentally challenged. She is high functioning. She is quickly regressing.
My bravelet will remind me that others are on the same path as I’m on. As I search for information for dementia and mentally challenged I find nothing, unless it’s for Downs Syndrome. She isn’t.I know there are others in the same boat. I believe the problem is because of challenges we parents don’t think of dementia. I knew something was happening when she “forgot” how to turn the washer on even tho she’d been washing her own laundry for 30 yrs. When we were referred to a neurologist I knew there was no help coming from him. Within 5 min of his coming into the exam room he decided she “must be a behavior problem”. I said that was not the case. Therefore he knew “she must be depressed.” No, she’s not & I explained how I knew that. All he wanted to do was put her on meds.After several months, tests and me standing firm we did get the correct diagnosis from her PA. Life goes on and every day I wonder what new insights I’ll have to conjer up to get thru the day and keep things low-key for her. She knows her brain is changing. She knows there is nothing we can do about it. She knows I’ll always be here for her to help her, to love her and continue to be sure she gets the respect she deserves. The beautiful bravelet will remind me that others are going thru challeges. Others wake up each day knowing perhaps that day will be the best day in life.
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