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Twins With CF

Posted on October 22 2012

I am a mom with twins that have cystic fibrosis. Being brave is very hard with this life shortening disease. I have been told that I am strong and sometimes I feel strong and sometimes I don’t. If you feel as tho you fall and you can’t get up, look around, there is someone who has it harder than you do. This is what keeps me going. When my babies were born, I cried so much because I could not ease their discomfort, pain, turning blue from not being able to breathe, and having a tough time with their cf. Over all I stood up and took charge to pass a hump to healthier babies (healthy as can be from this horrible disease), I did it!!!. If your a parent and going through what I went through, be strong, be aggressive, and overcome any major health issues that arise and everything will be ok.It is rare for twins to have cf in the US, and and around the world. Only 300 sets that have cystic fibrosis. I feel as no one can walk in my shoes to how my grief has saddened my heart over my twin boys. Hopefully, there will be a cure soon!. My personal quote is: If there is a “Cure” this very moment and this very moment is NOT soon enough, you’d hear this twins mom “Across America” “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”!!!!!!If my boys could have anything they want in their short life, I sure would give it to them. They have had so much of their unhealthy life taken from them on a daily basis. My wish would be, that they could have anything they want before its too late.
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