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Trying to be BRAVE.

Posted on January 29 2015

Trying to be BRAVE.
My journey began in April 2013 with my sister Carol, who's picture you see here in December 2013 prior to her beginning Radiation Treatments. You see, she had already had pretty extreme surgery to remove part of her tongue and Many (over 100) lymph nodes from her neck area on May 1st, and had been taking Many chemo treatments. She was a Trooper. You would never know by looking at this picture that she had gone through so much, would you? I stuck by her day after day, ride after ride to Baltimore from our small town in Cambridge about 1 hour and 45 minute away. She was always a very attractive lady and never went out without looking Just SO. Well, during she journey, she never ( or hardly ever mentioned) complained about how she looked or what she was going through.

How could I not Be Brave.
God made a Way for Her strength and Mine. It was truly an amazing experience.

Every step of the way even to the end.

You see, this picture was taken in December 2013 and she went to Heaven on January 16, 2014. You would have never believed that would you?

I held her hand. I stayed up All night... I LOVED her and would not give up that experience to be with her for anything.

I Thank God Everyday that he helped both of us Be Brave....

Just a little over a year ago I had to say Good-Bye for Now, But I can't wait to see you again Carol.....

Love Someone...

Be Brave For Them..

You will gain so much when you Give...
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