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Posted on April 27 2017


My name is Monique from Orange County California, known as a place people vacation and resident's pay good money for location. I don't know where to start on my cause. I am in multiple support groups with hundreds of thousands suffering with this same illness that my two children all have. I don't see any "causes" for it because most people do not know that it even exists. We were all exposed to Black Mold throughout our home called Stachybotrys. I as a single mother rented our home in the beautiful Hills of Orange, near all of the best schools districts but never knowing the danger and reasons for ALL of our misdiagnosed illness over the years that we lived there.
We moved in on November 5, 2008 and left in May 2016,... soon after I developed Narcolepsy working from home. I googled NARCOLEPSY and BAM there were ALL of my symptoms over the past years. I was ready to give up, no pills helped, I felt foggy, "mentally ill" I was in extreme mental and physical anguish. MY always healthy kids were suddenly not themselves, I had lost all hope until I called a professional mold company in May 2016. I had been diagnosed with Chronic fatigue syndrome in 2012 and I was ecstatic to finally have a name to this continuous and dehabilitatting disease. I would like to share more of my story because there needs to be an awareness about environmental disease and the plague of "STACHYBOTRYS" that kills over 250,000 people a year, it is also the #1 MISDIAGNOSED DEATH IN THE USA!

Thank you and please educate yourself ♡


Monique Violette


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