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Tommys Hope

Posted on March 21 2017

Tommys Hope

Tommy’s Hope

Hi – I’m Sherry Christ.

I started this fundraiser in honor of my brother, Thomas R. Jordan, RN, formerly of The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati.

My brother Tom was born December 10, 1964. He died on May 14, 2016. Tom died young because of lung cancer.

Although Tom was a nurse, he ignored his early cancer symptoms. Because Tom ignored early symptoms, by the time he reached his 51st birthday, his cancer had already spread into his brain, spine, and hips. So, around the time we should have been celebrating Tom’s 51st and then the holidays, we were a somber lot. We did not want to celebrate because we were planning things like “palliative chemotherapy” and “hospice care.”

These events devastated my family – and devastated me.

Tom was a bright, dynamic, energetic, hard-working man. Tom was also fun-filled, a bit naughty, very loving, and more-than-a-bit willful, too. Honestly, Tom was my heart and my hero. Tom did things I only dreamed to do.

One of Tom’s dreams was moving to Palm Springs. Much to my great surprise, and even greater pride, Tom managed to make that dream come true in 2014 – if only for one year.

One thing I have learned about my brother was his profound generosity. As stories gradually trickled in, I learned he quietly, often anonymously, donated to issues such as cancer funding, homeless health, chronic disease care, and the like.

Since my brother Tom died so young, I have decided to take this loss and turn it into an honor – a chance to continue the work my brother did as a nurse and as a person of principle. For me, this is a way to make what seems a senseless loss and give some meaning by helping others.

By purchasing an item from Tommy’s Hope, a portion of the proceeds will go towards the fight against lung cancer – the cancer that ended Tom’s life.

Consider using Tommy’s Hope for your gifting needs instead of strictly-for-profit retailers? By doing so, your purchase will keep a helping tradition alive – even though the person who was the “helper” is gone.

I am honored you visited today – and am honored that, through the kindnesses of others, my brother’s generosity lives on.
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