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Tommorow the sun will shine again

Posted on July 05 2012

We lost my older sister (Windi) in Oct 2006 so it was just me and Nicole. She was my best friend. In May of 2008 she died during emergency surgery She was 32. I thought I was going to DIE of heartbreak. Well taking guardianship of the kids forced me to wake up everyday, just going through the motions, of a life, I didnt think things could get any worse.. Yea well I was gravely mistaken. 6 months later in Oct. 2008 I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. The diagnoses really didnt seem to be very surprising to me. I was still heartbroken and was much more worried about how my mom was going to be able to handle the news. I mean having just lost 2 of her 3 daughters and then the other one (me) getting this diagnoses. Going through a full hysterectomy, and never have had children might have consumed some women but the chemo was yet to come and that in itself was consuming enough. So chemo went on, months later in 2009 I was given a clean bill of health..YEA right, not so fast 2011′s scan should cells on my Lymphnoids, so here I go again, months of chemo, losing the hair I finally got back (which before all of this, I had long beautiful red hair) and less than hopeful outcome to this, this time around. Here we are 2012 and I’m still here. Hair didnt come back red but I do have some, but more importantly I have a different outlook. Love and Live why you can, Let go of the rest.


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