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To The Edge & Back: A Necrotizing Fascitis Survivor Story

Posted on September 06 2014

To The Edge & Back: A Necrotizing Fascitis Survivor Story
My Cause is Necrotizing Fasciitis, better known as the Flesh Eating Bacteria. Sounds Scary...It was...Sounds Crazy...It was..In February of 2013 I went to the hospital for a routine, everday surgery, that ended up everything but routine. I was sent home the next day not knowing about the infection looming inside of me. Within a few days, I had developed a steady fever at around 103, and I developed a blackish area on my abdomen, where the infection started. It came from a staph infection that I got in a perfectly sterile environment. I was medi-vaced to a hospital about an hour away, talk about scared! I had a million thoughts going thru my mind, and all I could think was, if I was going to die. I was 34 years old, and was dying. I had a then 8 year old son, of course I had no idea I had Necrotizing Fasciitis until I arrived at the next hospital. I had a surgeon screaming at me to sign the papers, I was scared, I couldn't sign them, I kept saying I don't want to die, and this was not a slow death where I would have time to do all the what if's...This was then, this was now....I had to tell my family including my son everything I wanted them to know...It was it, it could be the very last time I would ever hear my sons voice. I didn't realize it, but I was going to go on to survive the impossible...I won...I fought it and I won...Of course, it took many many countless surgeries, I really have lost track maybe it was 12? Im not sure, it was a high number, I was on life support twice, once due to pulmonary endema from the last surgery, talk about something painful and unforgettable! It was painful, it was heartbreaking and heartwrenching...The looks in the doctors eyes, I had one who literally cried with me..Because, they had to tell me, they hadn't it all, we had to try again, prepare for another surgery...Weeks, And finally a month passed, of course, there was part of it, I was in a medically induced coma, that was at first, they were putting ice bags on me that time, I must have been really close to death at that point, I wast even allowed a blanket, I remember it burning, searing, painful...I was so cold. After all of this I won, I survived, I also had to spend the next 5 months hooked up to a wound-vac machine, I had to carry it everywhere, yah...everywhere, which means no shower, sponge baths was horrible. I had a hospital be in my living room with a nurse who came every other day for dressing about pain? Imagine being so open you could basically see your insides, imagine 13 pieces of foam, one for each cm deep...yes we gradually worked t down, but, imagine the pain of pulling that out, of a wound that resembles a shark bite and still is not fully healed, I survived the impossible, I kicked butt and I took names doing it...Literally...My cause is Necrotizing Fasciitis, Educate yourself, Educate your family, Know the Symptoms, Signs, Donate, Do Anything you can do, they say its rare, but, its not so rare, There are many different strains and causes, you can get it like me, or you can catch it from waterparks, from rivers...Ever hear of Amiee Copeland? She was my hero as I went thru this, but unlike Amiee, I got lucky, I dindt have any amputations, Im one of 5%....only 20% survive (or so Im told by my surgeons)..Necrotizing Fasciitis...Please, Help me Raise Awareness from this merciless killer!
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