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"To Soon..."

Posted on December 28 2013

My Dad! A Vibrant, Active young man. He love spending time on the lake, biking around town and off into the country back roads. He spent time cross-country skiing and beating boys half his age at racquetball. A recent addition to the grandfather club and enjoyed every moment of it. Married for nearly 4 years and a father for almost 35 year. He was 63 years young!

In the summer of 2013 discomfort had come over my father and he spent some time trying to find what the cause of these discomforts were only to find on June 19th a diagnosis of Stomach Cancer. Treatment began and many unanswered questions were floating about. Soon to realize that the treatments were not working and most of us were not ready to accept what was inevitable. August 23 we acknowledged a birthday that was not worthy of celebration but spend trying to come to terms with the fate of my dad. September 4 was a day that I did not think would come for many years. Still to this day I find it hard to believe that I am unable to pick up the phone and call him. No matter how much I want to tell him what his grandson has just said or done, how much I wish the conversations that my son is trying to having with me could be shared with my dad. Remembering that last moments that we spent smiling and laughing together were just a year before when he walked me down the aisle. My dad.....he was 63 years young.....my head knows that he was taken for a reason but my heart said "To Soon". 

My Step-mother bought me my bravelet for Christmas and even though I haven't had it for very long I will wear it every day so that I not only remember to "Be Brave" myself but also to remember how brave my dad was to have gone through what he had.  I love and miss you Dad!!!
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