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Thyroid Cancer took my singing voice

Posted on April 17 2015

Thyroid Cancer took my singing voice
Back in October 2013 I was getting ready for a rehearsal for our annual church Christmas Celebration. I sang for three hours and when I left the rehearsal all of a sudden I couldn't speak for a half hour. I went to the ENT, certain she would tell me that I needed nodule surgery on my vocal chords. The news however shook me to my core. It was not my vocal chords that were swollen but my thyroid gland and it was hitting the nerve for speaking. Fast forward January 2014, I go through scans, MRI, biopsies and a surgery to find out I have Follicular Thyroid CANCER, Hurthle cell variant, that was vascular invasive. Two surgeries, Radioactive Iodine treatment and lots of vocal rest and I am still working to get my voice working but there were complications with a nerve and we think that it was damaged. It's been a rough year with recovery and thinking that I would never be able to lead worship again. But I continue to fight and though I may not reach the stratosphere note-wise, I still have my pitch and I can still praise (just an octave lower). You think you are brave till you are faced with a life changing time, then brave isn't what is, it's what develops to reach your new normal. Stay faithful friends.
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