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Thompsons Troopers

Posted on December 08 2014

Thompsons Troopers
Hi my name is Trisha, I'm a 30 year old wife and mother from Philadelphia pa. I'm sharing a little bit of our story because I want to bring awareness to this horrific disease any way I can. My husband Michael is 43 years old and is courageously battling ALS. We have 2 young daughters Faye is 6, and Lilly is 4. Michael also has a 19 year old son, Arron. This disease has flipped our lives upside down and as I'm sure most of you can imagine that we are devastated. My husband,the father to our children, the rock of our family, my best friend and soul mate is not going to be ok! The feeling of helplessness is overwhelming. But as the wife and mother of this brave family I must be the one to keep it all together. I want to buy 5 of these bracelets. One for each of us, even though the girls are little and don't fully understand, it's something that we can all have and wear as a constant reminder that together as a family we are strong, and we must be brave during this troubling time in our lives.
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