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This is why I ride

Posted on April 02 2013

This is why I ride…
London 2003..Within the space of one week I went from working a 50 or so hour week to not being able to walk.
It started with the soles of my feet feeling numb at the start of the week and by Friday I couldn’t feel anything from the waist down and my legs would shake uncontrollably for several seconds at a time.Over the next couple of weeks and several tests,scans,more tests I was told I have Multiple Sclerosis. I had several brain and spine lesions.I felt that my life as I knew it ended. I was devastated. I could barely keep it together over the next few weeks.If I can stop one person from going through this. If I can prevent one
person from going through the hell of MS, through riding, I will ride.This year was my 4th Bike MS. I may not be able to walk any great distance because of pain and balance problems, but I can ride.We are heading from California to Texas to ride in the countries largest BikeMS event, the BP MS 150 is a 2-day, 180-mile bike ride from Houston to Austin, TX and will take place April 20-21, 2013.You have to be brave & stay brave
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