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The TERF Project

Posted on March 11 2016

The TERF Project
Terri always gave from her heart. She wanted everyone around her to have the same opportunities as she was able to experience...from buying a kid a pair of shoes to paying for a school trip, she felt these things would make lasting impressions... So in an effort to keep that spirit alive we have established THE TERF, INC., ...Terri E. Rice Foundation to help youth in Montgomery County achieve their goals and dreams by supporting programs that focus on the following; but not limited to educational, recreational, academic and personal development activities. Operated entirely by volunteers who are excellent role models because many are from backgrounds similar to those they serve. They provide a powerful example that belief in yourself, hard work, discipline and goal setting can achieve success.

Our mission is to educate at-risk youth, offering them the expanded advantages and the same opportunities as anyone else. It’s our goal to assist youth to develop a positive self image, set realistic goals and benefit from first hand experiences in positive social relationships.

We are a unique resource to help manage the many challenges that keep youth from being successful such as low self-esteem, poor personal health, family situations and poor school performance. Once we are able to reach their needs we can teach them life lessons.

With that being said it is our goal and dream to give kids life changing experiences they can look back on and say,” wow someone does care.” Those come in both big and small packages.

The TERF Project vision is to provide support to students and families who are most at-risk, to give students an emotional boost, to assist in their nutritional struggles and to give families baskets of hope of basic hygiene items for their household.

Our primary and only goal is to assist disadvantaged youth. If you believe as we do no youth shall be robbed of opportunities and relationships that could forever shape their future then this is definitely something you will want to become a part of.

As Director and Founder of The TERF Project, INC., which bears the name of my late mother, I assure you that every donation is received with heartfelt gratitude and you truly do "get what you what, when you give others what they need"

Our Vision:
*Enhance community awareness and communication, which includes youth awareness of the community and the community’s awareness of youth issues.
*Protect and advocate for the best interest of Montgomery County.
*Support the needs and endeavors of Montgomery County.
*Promote youth interests in culture and diversity.
*Advocate for youth needs and opinions related to education, socialization and other needs determined.
*Ensuring food security to those who need it.
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