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The Powerful Journey

Posted on April 23 2016

The Powerful Journey
This story could be one of victimization and defeat, but instead it is once of power and victory! See, years ago I was raped. I struggled with that on so many levels. First, I had been physically taught how to fight an protect myself. Second, the embarrassment and feelings of self condemnation as if I had somehow "allowed" this thing to happen to me, to ME!

I told NO ONE what had happened to me until much , much later in life after I saw someone else struggling with the same issues. She felt as I did, that there was no one who I could trust and even if I could, they wouldn't understand.
This was the first step to healing for me.

So let's fast forward to today, 25 years after the "incident" and 14 years of being a Victorious Over-comer! One thing I"ve learned that I believe is absolutely the foundation of "self-defense" is KNOWING 1) Trouble CAN and WILL find you at some point. 2) YOU are WORTH Saving 3) YOU are more POWERFUL than you believe you are.

We are three part beings, body, soul (mind, will , emotions), and spirit. Most self defense instructors ONLY teach physical self defense and most counselors ONLY teach soulsih (emotional) healing which is completely limited because they don't tie in the physical or spiritual healing. I have personally come to the conclusion that God alone is my healer and it is through Christ Jesus I find freedom!

Now, I walk victorious, no flashbacks, no fear, and I train women and girls how to protect themselves. I also help those who have been abused to overcome.
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