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The Pits of POTS!

Posted on February 02 2015

The Pits of POTS!
I feel like I'm the one walking around with spots all over and everyone is looking at me! I was diagnosed with POTS  at 18 during my first semester in college.  I began experiencing dizzy spells and passing out my first month in college. When I visit the infirmory, they took blood with no significant result, but they did send me to see a cardiologist. I thought it was anxiety/stress or some type of  panic attack for leaving the family bubble for the first time away, but I loved my college and new found friends! .  The second month I fell in my dorm room and hit my head on the "slightly" carpeted concrete floor and received a concussion.  This kept me out of classes for 3 weeks. The cardiologist ran more blood test, an EKG,  MRI , I wore a heart monitor for 48 hours and the conclusion was POTS. What's that?? Postual Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Oh, that clarifies it! They recommended lots of water and salt.

Okay, so where does this come from? I was a gymnast, an athlete, competitive cheerleader, and varsity cheerleader for 4 years! I flip!...upside down a thousand times! I pass-out when I sit up???! Add salt to my diet?? More water??! Seriously?! Is that it?

I controlled the symptoms by diet until Christmas break though I had to drop a class. I ended up testing positive for mono going around school right before break and it took a lot out of me. It might have had something to do with everything going south, so to speak.... New Years Eve I passed out at my grandfathers after going up the stairs and was out about 3 minutes.  Three  days later I passed out talking to my dad in the bathroom for about 5 minutes.  Now I was getting scared to return to school 5 hours from home, scared to drive, scared it would happen in public.  On  Jan.  9th I passed out 3 times and ended up at Vanderbilt Hospital. There are only 2 know centers for working with POTS patients, one in Dallas, TX and one in Nashville, TN. It was a blessing in disquise because I leave near nashville Now I'm on a heart monitor for a month, and though I have passed out 6 times since I have been released from the hospital, I am working with specialist to find the right medication to treat the symptoms. There is no cure. I've had to take a leave of absence from school, but I am able to take on-line courses and some on campus at a near by college while I seek treatment.
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