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The gift that keeps on giving

Posted on December 02 2015

I wasn't diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome until I was in my mid teens. Up until that point, I was in and out of the emergency room constantly with severe cramping and the most intense pain I've ever felt. I was told time and time again that they were kidney stones.. to let them pass. It wasn't until I asked for birth control pills, that my obgyn shed light on the whole thing.

Im fortunate enough that my obgyn has PCOS too, so she not only sympathizes with my struggles, but can also give me real world help, not just "doctorly" help. The road was tough, but eventually she got me on this amazing birth control, 4 periods a year and enough estrogen to make a small woman. Its really kept the cysts under control thought, I'm lucky if i get one or two a hear now.

The kicker though is: Ive just been recently married, and we're talking about having kids. And Ive heard all the horror stories telling me its gonna be next to impossible (though my obgyn says differently). Ive talked to my husband about my concerns, and he understands. We've also discussed options if worse does come to worse. My biggest fear though, is getting off my birth control. I hadn't gone without it in like.. 6-8 years. i don't know what my body's going to do and the thought of going back to irregular periods and the possibility of more frequent cysts is terrifying.. Im just going to have to take every 3 months at a time, and when that day finally comes when i don't get a refill, I'm just gonna have to be ready for whatever happens.
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