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The Face of Strength

Posted on August 12 2015

The Face of Strength
The love of my life, my partner, best friend, father and grandfather. How do you begin to tell anyone what pancreatic cancer does to a family. Faith was and still is what sustained us. We never gave up believing that he would not make it. Through the the months of chemotherapy, radiation, and the many visits to the hospital we stayed strong. We watched what toll all of it had on Frank and yet he rarely complained.
40 years together,3 children and 2 grandchildren and now a hole is left in all our hearts. He hoped for things as he watched his life slowly slip away. He wanted research to continue and hoped that the trials he went through would someday give a person a chance to survive. He wanted to never be forgotten especially through his granddaughter Sophia and the new grandchild Brynlee that he knew was conceived but never lived to hold her. I promised him I would do what I could to make people more aware of pancreatic cancer and help to raise funds and I promised him his grandchildren would know what a great man he was.
I kept every card every letter he sent me through the 40 years. Everyone he did not just sigh, he wrote a story. A story of his faith, what he hoped for for myself and his children and how much he loved me and wanted to see us grow old together. I try to read a few each night but tears and heartache overcome me. I was blessed and I had the love of a lifetime only God felt he needed him more then myself and family do.
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