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The Daughter of a Loosing GYN Fighter

Posted on August 09 2012

I’m a 16 year old caregiver for my mom who was diagnosed with a very rare form of sarcoma in the vaginal wall. She been fighting for two long year, under going chemo therapy, radiation, multiple surgeries, and still managing to go to work and a middle school nurse, never missing a beat. My father traveled a lot during this time, but we would both take my mom to her doctor and treatment appointments. However, when she had a CT scan the doctors found the cancer had spread to her lungs and the treatments weren’t working. At that moment I realized I had to grow up and take priority as the main caregiver and that was hard only barley being 15. But I knew it was so much harder for my mom then me so I had to stay strong. And on a recent trip to visit my brother at his boarding school, my mom’s lung collapsed and filled with fluid from one of the tumors. She went into surgery a few days after arriving back home, but the out come was worse then my dad and I could imagine. The doctor said nothing was working and the cancer had spread to her whole abdominal cavity and she was no longer a candidate for surgery or chemo seeds and was given three to six months to live. That news brought our whole family’s world spiraling down and shattering every ounce of hope we had left. Now everyday my dad and I regulate her meds, help her shower and get dressed and other simple things you and I take for granted. Its a struggle just to get her to eat, because nothing taste the same to her after all the rounds of chemo and radiation. It’s so hard to sit there and talk about what she wants at her funeral, but we still have to be strong, for her.


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