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The courage in courageous!

Posted on September 27 2012

Diagnosed with Leukemia while on travel to visit MOM for 3yr wedding anniversary.After an extensive hospital stay and high dose chemotherapy, I was well enough to move to an outpatient living facility close to the hospital to recover. During this time, I received the news that my brother had been killed in a plane crash. My family was forced to pack up and fly home to prepare for the memorial. Still having such a fragile immune system, my husband and I were told we would have to stay behind, as I continued treatment to recover. It was During this time, I witnessed my first of many WOW moments. Doctors, nurses, and hospital personnel continued to stop by my room not only to express their condolences..but amazingly to share their own personal stories of tradgedy, loss, and life afterward. It is in their actions to share these stories in such detail that I was empowered with strength. The love and compassion that these individuals showed for me was a life lesson that can’t be must be experienced. These individuals are my hero’s. They are the brave that fight for patients like me everyday when we are too weak to fight for ourselves. They are the courage in courageous!
My story moves foward with many more Wow moments through relapses, complications, more loss, and more Wow moments. To the many doctors, nurses, family members, friends, and all the wonderful Oncology buddies, I SAY….you are all my hero’ courage in Courageous!
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