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The Brave Orphan Girl

Posted on March 24 2016

The Brave Orphan Girl
This a story of a different kind of bravery then some. The bravery of myself, family but mostly of a girl. Last year my family and I decided to host an Eastern European Orphan for winter and share with her for the first time the love of a family and also Christmas (one of my favorite holidays). This was a huge step of faith and took much courage. Not only were we inviting a complete stranger into our house for the holidays we were financially responsible for getting her here and we only had 3 weeks to pull it all together. We also didn't know what her background was, what she had been through, and what "baggage" she would bring. I was nervous the effect this experience would have on my three young biological daughters and also if I could take on one more person to care for during this busy time and have the energy while also being very pregnant. Not only did my family have to be brave we had to have faith that we were following God's lead and it was all in his hands so we had nothing to worry about. We also used bravery when answering the questions we got about "why in the world would you do this". Thankfully God gave us the strength to get through it all.

But enough about me. The really brave one was "Sparkles" which is the name we gave the orphan we hosted just a few days after her arrival. This young women was BRAVE indeed. First of all she signed up to visit America for the holidays. Then she got on a plane (some thing she'd never done) traveled 24 hours to a strange country, with strange people, in a strange house, and she didn't even speak our language. Sparkles put on a brave smile when she got of the plane and then got in our car a form of transportation she had never been in. And once we got home you could tell she was a little nervous and hungry because she didn't want to go to bed, instead she cooked a 3 coursed meal. I don't know how we ever got her to sleep that first night. Luckily, she was brave and she gave us a chance and she tried new things. Sparkles tried so many new things while she stayed with us; foods, activities, transportation, locations all of which took a lot of bravery. We even were able to teach her some English too.

So because we trusted God and acted brave even when we didn't feel it we are where we are today. And that is trying to bring out new daughter Sparkles home forever!


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