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The 216 Foundation

Posted on July 21 2014

The 216 Foundation

The 216 Foundation exists to assist in the search for and successful creation of a cure for diabetes by providing financial support to organizations and programs dedicated to the search for a cure.

Bio Of Founder

“I created The 216 Foundation with a desire to make a difference. Diabetes is very prevalent in my family, and I wanted to do something to find a cure. My focus with the organization is to raise capital to fund scientists in their research. This is essentially accomplished with upscale events and through recurring revenue via electronic donations. I never dreamt in a million years that the foundation could be so much work, yet so rewarding.”

-Eric Isham


Eric holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Kentucky University where he majored in Biology and Biophysics. He also spent ten years in the Military as a combat medic then went through OCS to become a commissioned officer. His full time “real job” as he puts it is with iPay Technologies where he is the Senior National Sales Executive. He currently resides in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

The Origin of 216

When Eric was in the basic training he was in room number “216”. He and the other seven soldiers in his room decided on the first night that they would all stick together to make it to graduation. With nothing else binding them except for the fact that they all slept in the same room at night they would gather by asking, “Where is 216?!” If one of the soldiers got into trouble and was told to drop and do pushups, the other seven would join him. As other soldiers witnessed how inseparable these eight men were and how the drill instructors could never just pick on one private at a time, others, eventually started joining in. Instead of one soldier doing pushups it was 10, then 15, then 30 and so on. Before long the entire company was known as “216″. The drill sergeants had never seen anything like it. Eric continues to use the numbers “216” as a motivational force in his life and thus naming the foundation The 216 Foundation was a no brainer.

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