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TeamDaF's continued fight against Dysautonomia

Posted on June 13 2015

TeamDaF's continued fight against Dysautonomia
We are thrilled to announce the first Tie One On Grant has been issued to Dr. Blair Grubb at the University of Toledo. DAF stated when we started the sales of our teal bracelets that we would be transparent with the monies raised. Further that 100% of the proceeds would be used to fund research projects and or educational programs. The monies raised by you our Team through the Tie One On Campaign( bracelet proceeds) has allowed us to support this worthy research project.
TeamDAF, let us double the grant by raising another $5000! All proceeds through August will be directed toward this goal. Encourage your friends and families to buy and wear our teal bracelets in show of unity and support.
Here's to Tying One On for the University of Toledo and the important research that Dr Grubb is doing for patients with autonomic dysfunction!
Read More about Dr Grubb and his work:
Dr. Grubb is a leader in the discovery and use of new approaches for the treatment of POTS. He is among the first doctors to use cardiac pacemakers to better control the disease. Recently, Dr. Grubb and his colleagues at the University of Toledo have embarked on a new research project that holds great promise for unlocking the underlying cause of POTS.
POTS may be an autoimmune disease! Dr. Grubb’s research looks at blood samples from POTS patients to determine if there are antibodies in the blood that would indicate the presence of a distinct automimmune reaction. If the answer is yes, his team can begin to think about ways to modify that autoimmune response and treat the underlying cause of POTS. One day soon, POTS sufferers may be able to live their lives without the fear and suffering caused by this all-too-mysterious affliction.

Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation's mission is Uniting a community of patients, caregivers, and similar organizations around autonomic disorders in order to find better treatments and ultimately a cure.
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