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Team Hill's March for Babies

Posted on April 03 2015

Team Hill's March for Babies
Our first son, Brody William was born at 23 weeks gestation as the result of an unexplained spontaneous preterm labor. I had experienced some light bleeding at 22 weeks, 4 days after a very routine, uncomplicated pregnancy. After a visit to L & D, no reason was found. Two days later, I began having minor lower back pain, which lasted several hours. This being my first pregnancy, I was not very alarmed until the following morning when the pain became more frequent and more painful. My OB asked me to come in and discovered that I was 1 cm dialated and immediately admitted me into the hospital. I was given antibiotics and magnesium but I continued to dialate. Brody was born at 3:03 that afternoon. His little heart beat for 59 short minutes. He is buried in Holly with his Grandpa Hill. We miss him so much every single day. He walks with us in spirit today.

A year later we got pregnant with our second son. This time I was monitored much more closely, given weekly progesterone shots, and taken off of work. Despite all of these precautions, my water broke prematurely and Carter Joseph made his entrance into the world at 33 weeks and 3 days. He spent 28 days in the NICU at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor. He had difficulty breathing and had to be taught to eat during his time in the hospital, both due to his premature birth. Carter came home with us on January 9, 2006 and is now a happy, healthy 9 year old who is on the walk with us today!

In 2006 we were surprised to learn that we had a sibling on the way for Carter! Things were complicated from the beginning…partly because of my history and partly because of the fact that we had naturally conceived not one, but THREE babies. We lost the set of identical twins at 12 weeks. We were determined to bring the third baby home safe and sound. However, things got even more complicated. At 13 weeks I was told that I had a significantly low level of amniotic fluid around the baby and had placenta previa (low lying placenta). I was monitored closely, put on modified bed rest and started the progesterone shots. The next 6 weeks were a wild rollercoaster, to say the least. I was hospitalized at 18 weeks for bleeding due to the previa but the fluid level was slowly increasing and baby was doing well. Then at 19 weeks I was hospitalized again due to another bout of bleeding. This time I started contractions and delivered our sweet daughter, Briley Nikol who was stillborn.

In 2008 we completed our family! Christmas morning at 11:20am we finally welcomed a healthy, FULL TERM sibling for Carter into this world! Coen Thomas was born at The University of Michigan Hospital and is walking with his big brother today. It took weekly progesterone shots, a cerclage placement, a leave of absence from work and weekly doctor’s appointments but it worked! Thank you March of Dimes for all you do!

Our family has raised over $30,000 in the last 11 years for the March of Dimes. We will walk again this year in memory of, in honor of and in celebration of our children!