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Susie White

Posted on August 20 2013

I'm 49yrs old; born, raised and lived my whole life in Florida. My parents divorced when I was 7 and at 13 I had to go live with my father because my mother developed a brain tumor, a benign meningioma. So I grew up with a disabled mother, in and out of surgeries and rehabs, rarely getting to see her until I was an adult. I can remember being with her at her home when the nurse would come and her laying in her hospital bed getting her tube feedings. I would go stay with her when she was in rehab and couldn't move to help her. That's when I decided to go to school to be a nurse, to help others and I've been an RN for 19yrs, caring for others and helping them to be brave through their illnesses.

My personal connection with Bravelets came when I saw an ad on my facebook newsfeed and then went to the local drivers license office and the clerk helping me was wearing a Bravelets bracelet and that's when I started emailing you because I didn't see my disease listed. I thought I'd get a charity going for my cause and I held a party and received my free Bravelets bracelets of which I gave 3 of them to 3 people I had met who also have AVN. My favorite is the adjustable so that was my first Bravelet bracelet that I ordered.

My goals and mission in life were to just live a good life and do good to others, be the best person I can be.  It's difficult now due to what AVN has done to me but I hope to continue to recover and to go back to nursing.

It is very difficult for me to accept help from others, I've always been the caretaker of my patients, friends and family; the strong one and since I can't walk into a hospital right now to care for others I have been blessed with joining with Bravelets and bringing awareness and bravery to others, including my family and friends by starting my own cause to help fundraise for my medical expenses using Braveletsa. But mostly I see that I am bringing people together with these bracelets and it's helping me to be able to receive support happily.

As a Fundraising Consultant, it helps me to reach others and make them aware of different causes they can give to, to help further a cause as well as I'm making them happy within themselves that they have helped another by purchasing a beautiful piece of jewelry that they are proud to wear.

My success story, that's big, I have saved lives, I have helped patients die comfortably and with dignity and I have healed patients. Nursing has been my greatest achievement in my whole life, I practically lived nursing and now I'm bringing awareness, charity and beauty to others.

I'm not sure what my fundraising goals are, this has all happened so fast at a time when I've had a setback. I hope to keep having parties until Bravelets is a household name and everyone I know is wearing one but I really hope to return to my nursing.

"My strength is your weakness, lean on me"
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