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Support The Troops

Posted on December 13 2012

Who is the bravest person you know? Sgt. Douglas Finley is a veteran of the Iraq war, dedicated to this country and all the members who serve her. He puts our country's needs and those of his soldiers ahead of his own and feels very protective of their safety and welfare. Although he returned from the war with many personal issues, he is not someone who refuses to wallow in self-pity, rather he uses his strengths to better himself and support those around him. He is a true inspiration to everyone and gives unselfishly of his time to speak to whomever wants to know more about life in the military and what it truly means to be an American Soldier. At age 42, he has decided to go back to college to get his medical degree in physical therapy so he can help better the lives of his fellow soldiers who have been wounded in combat in hopes that he can help make a difference. I beam with pride just knowing this man.
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