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Superheroes Supporting Superheroes is the BEST!

Posted on April 29 2016

Superheroes Supporting Superheroes is the BEST!
In 2008, a small group of people with brain injury, along with their families and other supporters, asked an important question: Why not us?

This lead to more questions. Why couldn’t we be leaders in brain injury awareness and advocacy? Why can’t we create programs, resources and support structures for our own brain injury community and their families? Why can’t we thrive after a brain injury and be superheroes to ourselves and others? We can't we share our brave journeys with the world?

The answer? The formation of the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST), a unique organization that creates awareness, change and support for each other, by each other. Fast forward to 2016. BEST is now national recognized for its unique support group structure, programs and services.

The BEST superheroes and their families have taken superhero bravery and strengths to the next level and have changed the face of brain injury forever. To read the stories of survivors who have not only survived, but learned to thrive, check out our special blog feature, "Our BEST Stories" by following this link:

To learn more about the mission, vision, programs and resources offered by BEST, visit us at

Thank you for supporting the work of superheroes!
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