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Sunshine Without Bullies

Posted on July 23 2015

Sunshine Without Bullies was launched in January 2015.

My son had been assaulted twice over the 2014 summer break and after the second assault we were instructed by the police to advise The Highland's School of the two assaults. Our note went unanswered for over a month. When Ms. Oberfelder did reply she stated that she didn't need to be made aware of the events as they happened on my watch. She went on to say that she thought the matter was handled and to have a good rest of the summer. We responded and advised her that the school's "watch" was about to begin and that was our concern. We heard absolutely nothing from the school. The night before school started our friend Mary called to share that my son would be in Ms. Uranga's class and the bully in another class. I was assured he would be okay.

Contrary to my son's initial excitement to begin his Kindergarten journey, he quickly started showing signs of stress. I was made aware he was written up for screaming out for help. Twice. The teacher had a set of "5 Golden Rules" and one of the rules was for no child to touch the other. Given my son's assaults over the summer, he was petrified when Juliana touched his face and then when Julien stuck his entire arm down the back of his shirt. I asked Ms. Uranga if she wrote those children up for not abiding by the Golden rules. No answer. I asked her if she showed any comfort towards my son. No answer. My son only lasted 17 days before the bully got to him. He was shoved backwards down a 12 foot "rainbow slide". He landed on his neck and head. He laid on the floor of the playground unconscious. We will never know for how long he laid there unconscious. He told the ER physician's "I feld asleep" but felt Nolan jumping on my tummy". He initially had a four (4) month concussion, various limbs issues, stomach problems and he now suffers with ligament pain and PTSD due to three assaults and the teacher bullying him. I contacted CPS to perform an investigation due to the fact that when my son did come to, there were no teachers on the playground that he could see.

My son was not able to speak about what Ms. Uranga did to him. Kids aren't normally able to share stories of when they were traumatized. It has taken months and months of therapy to get the various ways and means she bullied him. He treats with a Play Therapist. Younger patients can act out the events that caused the trauma or they try to own the pain so that they can beat the person who caused the pain to a time before the act and stop the act in their mind. It's tormenting. He goes from picking at his nails until they bleed to always needing to assured no one will hurt him.

The CPS report came back and stated that the assault did indeed take place, but they could not arrest Nolan because he was 5 years old. In Texas, you have to be the age of nine (9) to be arrested. I asked what about arresting the adults. CPS said and it's written in the report that my son was certainly bullied by Ms. Uranga.

They were unsuccessful in securing video of the teachers not watching the playground. Suddenly, the teachers were now watching the playground where as before they huddled in an area amongst themselves. In May of this year I successfully filmed four days of the playground unattended by any teachers. The school had kept my tuition even though my son never returned to the school. I wanted to see for myself whether these teachers watched the playground or not. The last day of filming was May 1, 2015. On May 2, 2015 we received notice that CPS had been called on me. Evidently, I was about to kill myself and my son. This was my son who I had paid close to $75k to maintain in my pregnancy as I was high risk. This was my son who I carried to the ER after the school called me three (3) hours after the last assault. His eyes were half closed and he staggered. When we walked from the office to the car he started violently vomiting I learned later that he sat in the nurses office while she periodically updated someone in the school. He cried the whole time begging the nurse to call me. He was hurt and in need of medical and yet no one called me until 1:45 p.m. Recess was at 11:00. It was on this day that I learned the school had placed my son in recess and PE with the bully we had warned them about.

I had posted his story on Bravelets but I've been hacked ever since I've started talking openly about his assaults and the bullying by his teacher. I've seen my email accounts be turned in to "chats" about documents that are private and about the assaults and what the school failed to do. They have been so bold as to have changed my Resume. Their IP addresses are all over everything.

So, in a nutshell there is my son who was bullied and assaulted by another five (5) year old. He was also bullied by his Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Uranga. Now I'm bullied and they are trying to cut off my 1st amendment rights by changing passwords to my emails. Bullying, Bullying, Bullying. So bullying the mother of the child who was bullied and assaulted is a double bully?

I'm sharing this story again, here because I can't even get to my mailbox under a gmail account that the original story originated. I've seen what is written and they mocked the importance of play therapy and the need to have a fund for kids to be able to continue treating when their parents get financially tapped out.

What happens is when a child is bullied there are physical cost for the injuries. Those injuries could be very costly. Some of the parents I met had already maxed their deductibles just like we did on the first night at the ER. We had five (5) ER visits in a two week time span. Obviously, parents do all they can to get their child the help they need. Mental health is costly and most insurance companies limit the amount of therapy that will be paid regardless of whether the patient has responded to therapy. Then there is the issue of co-insurance and co-pays. The parents may have met the deductible but are responsible for 20% of the copay. Or some sort of payment plan like the 20%. Ultimately, follow-up appointments are kept and meds aren't filled and parents end up returning their child to the ER as a possible attempted suicide.
Each year there are 4,600 kids who take their life due to bullies making their life so miserable they are convinced that ending their life is the best way to handle it. Each year there are about 400,600 kids who attempt to take their life, but someone might intervene. I was my son's intervention. I decided I would make a difference for kids who were like my son, bullied and in need of support whether that be financially or in a group. I'm on Facebook under Sunshine Without Bullies. You can see there where the current stalking/bullying situation is going on.

The thought of buying a bracelet to help someone out of depression is what the hacker wrote on my page. Buying a bracelet helps build a fund for kids and families who do not have the financial resources to pay for ongoing treatment.

Two weeks after the slide event we spoke with principal Doyle and he stated that he thought we brought our son in to school with a concussion on that fateful September day. I was doing a photo journal of my son's Kindergarten year and took a picture of him every day. That morning he is the picture of health. That evening he is in the ER unconscious at different intervals with a c-collar on his neck. How would I have been able to bring him to school unconscious with a c-collar on his neck? For this very statement is why I am fighting to ensure Principals and teachers never investigate their own school regarding reports of bullying.

I've drafted a Sunshine without Bullies Bill to be considered to the House of Representatives. It holds schools and parents financially responsible.

I hope you join in the fight against Bullying whether it's with my company or any company. Kids of tomorrow are everyone's responsibility.
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