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Posted on March 11 2016

Hi. I'm a college student. I have struggled with anxiety/depression since I was 12. I have been to countless therapists and have been taking medication for depression. I have just found a therapist I like. She is a lovely Christian woman who promises (and follows through with) no judgement in the room when I tell her about various things that have been going on with my week and things I have messed up. She constantly tells me that not only is she not disappointed in me, God loves me and all He wants is a relationship with me. I struggle with things daily. I have addictions. I often feel like a failure. There are some days I don't want to get out of bed and often don't. I know I need to be brave. I know I need to persevere and work through it because I have a God who loves me, as well as a family, medication that helps, and things to help me on my journey. Please pray for me. I need all I can get :) Help me be brave.
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