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Strong women

Posted on September 27 2012

I have just ordered two bracelets. One for my beautiful strong daughter, and one for the bravest woman I know. My daughter was diagnosed with PCOS in her early teens. She has all of the typical issues that go along with this diagnosis, weight issues, excessive facial hair, and irregular periods. A typical teenage girl would find this a very difficult disease to deal with. Not my girl,she took it in stride. She has always been a girl with her own style and flair and did not let this get in her way. She is a fabulous 23 year old now, a nurse, and just an amazing young woman.
The second bracelet is for a co-worker/friend that was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in her 30′s. She had school aged children and a new job and was not about to let something like cancer rob her of the life. She never, not once, let this cancer have a chance to take over. She went through all of the treatments and surgeries with grace and courage. She is the poster child for postive attitude in the face of unbelievable odds. I am, and will always be, in awe of her and her courage.


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