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Posted on December 03 2015

I'm Ashley Wurtz, 25 years old & I was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome level IV, Spina Bifida (Myelomeningocele), Renal hypoplasia(abnormally small kidney & functioning at 20%), An Abnormally smaller set of lower ribs, a dead bladder/intestines & Sphincter
( causing me to have to Self Catheterize from below & through my stomach to evacuate),
My tail bone (Sacrum) never formed, I am missing my L2, L3, & L5 Nerve endings, I am also missing my Large calf muscle in each leg and both of my feet are severely deformed as well as having a clubbed left foot; Of course we no now I also have Genetic abnormalities. To be Specific my chromosome #18 has four extra genes located on it. NEVER SEEN BEFORE! I do have a back brace to help me walk & leg braces along with all of the catheter supplies. WHOA!!Right?! So May 26th 1994, I went into Cardiac arrest & died from urine & feces getting into my blood stream! Blessings were bestowed upon me & I came back after doctors revived me. As the years went on & Thanks to a team of professionals I have under went 18 reconstructive surgeries that have kept me to the manageable point I am at in life now. I self Catheterize everyday from below to urinate & Catheterize from my stomach to have a bowel movement. That was the alternative to not dying :) I take 33 medications a day all for my health problems. I'm up to 12 doctors; 1 doctor is in the area I live in and the other 11 are in Ann Arbor, MI at the University of Michigan Health systems. I had always worked a low end job & went to college and lived life like a normal person; As if I had no disabilities. I'm even a MOM of a healthy 6 year old boy who I thank god for everyday! This summer, I got very sick again.. Urinary track infection that just wouldn't go away. Doctors said it was time to call quits with work and school permanently & stay home and take care of myself. Surgeries were scheduled and on October 27th I under went 6 reconstructive bone surgeries on my right foot. A few weeks later we got a call that I was in Stage 2 Kidney Failure & I have 70% total function. Next Month they are removing my right kidney & implacing a permanent catheter into my stomach, then on February 23rd of 2016 they are completing the other set of 6 reconstructive bone surgeries on my left leg. I am 3 hours away from all of my doctors and it has been very rough and challenging road to get to the places I need to be. This is a life long Journey, so please help me & the future of others by purchasing a Bravelet Bracelet. You make a difference in my life & others!
You can search to donate for me by typing in # Strength & Bravery

MY MOTTO:: Teach others how to carry strength & walk tall with Bravery
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