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Stomp Out MG

Posted on May 29 2015

Stomp Out MG
After I lost my ability to swallow, began having double vision, difficulty breathing, and becoming fatigued very easily my journey began. It lead to a long series of every test the doctors could think of, all came back normal until just on a random thought my neurologist decided to try treating it as Myasthenia Gravis. The medications started to relieve my symptoms, although I was still forced to retire from a career that I loved at the age of 33. I have since had positive tests for MG. I have dedicated my time and what energy I have into starting this non-profit organization Stomp Out MG, Inc because I came to realize that even medical professionals are often unaware of this rare disease. All proceeds from any sales or donations go directly to medicalet research, public and professional awareness efforts. Our mission is to Stomp Out MG and to Be Brave in the face of fear and uncertainty.


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