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Still Walkin and Talkin

Posted on May 18 2015

Still Walkin and Talkin
August 4, 2008 is a day that could have ruined my life. It is the day that I went to get the results of my recent MRI. As you might guess, the diagnosis was MS, but I knew that before the words came out of the neurologist's mouth. No shock at all. I was already covered in prayer support which helped me be, and stay, BRAVE. For me, faith is what kept me brave that day and still does as I write this almost 7 years later. My health had had a few scary bumps but all in all, I am stable and feel so blessed to be able to say that! I am only taking a low dose of neurontin and no longer on any DMDs...Even have stopped the Provigil, which I was certain I could never live without, since it helps battle fatigue so often a part of MS. I choose to continue to Walk for MS because I want to be a part of the cure, and help fund programs for those folks who've been hit harder by the disease. In the meantime, i am thrilled to say that I'm STILL WALKIN and TALKIN (our team name).
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