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Someone You Know is Touched by Mental Illness

Posted on December 13 2014

Someone You Know is Touched by Mental Illness
It is difficult to be a parent of a child (11yr old) with severe anxiety, ADHD and ODD; yes it is a lot of acronyms, but just know he faces challenges daily due to these illnesses. As a parent you go through every negative feeling possible:denial,guilt, anger, fear, and everything else in between. We continue on with behavior modification therapy, occupational therapy, group therapy and medication therapy and ongoing adjustments-It is a lot of appointments and physically and mentally exhausting to keep up with, as well as work and take care of other children in the home. Although we continue to face many challenges, I love my child unconditionally. And the same as any other chronic illness, it is heart breaking when you cannot heal your child. It is heart breaking when your child's anxiety pushes him over his limit time and time again and you are often visiting discussions on suicidal thoughts. Praying that you do not make the wrong choice to keep him home versus checking him into the hospital against his wishes. However, we don't give up the fight! NAMI provides hope to everyone they touch and it is a great feeling that you are never alone. The NAMI family helps my family'be brave.'


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