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Sick Cells Strong Heart

Posted on December 01 2015

Sick Cells Strong Heart
Even though the title of his documentary is Sick Cells you would never know that his
condition Sickle Cell Anemia has waged a war on his body. His heart and soul are bigger than life and despite irreversible damage , excruciating pain and days where he may wonder about the next sunrise Marqus always has a kind word , a considerate thought , a smile and faith. He is my definition of Be Brave. He recently had to scratch the Special Olympics with Brave Hearts our therapeutic riding facility. While he was disappointed he was not sad because he was able to see another birthday after life threatening complications this July.
Even with painful open non healing lower leg wounds I will wake in the early am to find that he has went downstairs and put a water bottle at my bedside. He walks his therapy dogs no matter what plus straps on his Oxygen pack and heads out to dog training classes.
His dream is to finish his documentary not just for himself but for the Angels that have gone before him and to raise awareness.
During the last few months his sister has taken the reins to help him.
None of us were ready in July to be in this world without our Marqus . He is a gift .
My husband and I have walked the hospital floors for years managed all the treatments , the blood transfusion, medical appointments , surgeries , medications , bills and even a 2013 flood (that left him with non healing wounds so far to date of 2 years) and a very broken house we can barely keep and none of that can compare to agony we felt wondering if he would pull though this last crises.

Please know his story is that of strength , faith , love , the will to live , concern for others and the desire to honor those that have died. The daily struggle to keep up is small in comparison to our son's inner strength and for that we know he is BRAVE.

I plan to wear my bracelet to remind me in the middle of the night when my mind listens to the rhythmic sound of the O2 concentrator that its ok to fall asleep because
we have to keep the faith that the sun rises on us all in the morning.

A cure is evolving new treatments are hopeful I will Be Brave for our family.
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