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She Showed Me How to Be Brave

Posted on September 11 2012

My daughter was 8 when she was diagnosed with a severe case of Crohn’s Disease. She had been sick for close to a year, and we were frustrated that no one could figure out what was wrong with her, why she wasn’t growing, was in pain all of the time and becoming seriously depressed. We knew Halle was very ill – and she went through many exams, many blood tests, an endoscopy and a colonoscopy to determine what was wrong. When she was diagnosed with Crohn’s, she tried many courses of medications that did not work – including liquids, pills and infusions, before she ended up on twice monthly injections. Luckily, now she is healthy and growing and active and back to her beautiful self.
Her father and I always told her that she didn’t have to be so brave. We told her that it’s ok to cry and to be scared, but Halle loved showing the nurses that she could jump in the chair to have blood drawn and show them which vein was best. She loved having the doctors tell her that most kids cried during IV’s, and she smiled the whole time. I felt like I had to be brave for the both of us, and there were days I wasn’t sure I could get through an appointment without crying in front of her. Halle showed me that she could be brave on her own. I wish I had a bravelet then, to remind me that sometimes the only thing you can do for a child is to be brave.
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