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Saving Matila

Posted on December 06 2014

Saving Matila
On a below freezing and overcast day in early January 2014, a good Samaritan saw a bag in a ditch near her driveway. Upon inspection she found Matilda injured and covered in urine and feces. She immediately called Warrick County Animal Control, who came in and took action to save Matilda's life. She was dehydrated, underweight, and had several abrasions and lacerations as if attacked by another animal. Clearly a former family pet, Matilda is spayed and declawed on all four feet, leaving her little defense from attack and no way to escape from the thick plastic bag. Because animal control has zero funding for medical emergencies, Warrick Animal Guardians stepped in and raised donations to get Matilda the much needed vet care she needed. After some fluids, a B-12 injection, and antibiotics she began to make some progress in healing. After some promising blood work it was determined that she should be put up for adoption and allowed another chance at life in a new home. Matilda was adopted!
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