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Sarah's Laughter

Posted on December 31 2014

After being diagnosed with Stage IV endometriosis at 24 years old, my husband and I were told that IVF (in vitro fertilization) would be our best chance at conceiving a child. After four years, many thousands of dollars, much heartache, and seven failed cycles of IVF, we have begun to consider other options.

Throughout the entire journey, Sarah's Laughter has been by our side. This Christian-based infertility support group reaches out to women going through various stages of treatment for infertility and to families that are grieving the death of a baby as a result of miscarriage or early infant loss. Through twice-monthly meetings, friendships are fostered through bible study that focuses specifically on issues faced during the walk through infertility. One meeting may focus on the jealousy you feel when a friend or relative conceives while you are still waiting. Another time, we may look at what the Bible says we can to do get through the two-week wait with our sanity intact! Following the bible study, we open the floor for discussion so you can talk about whatever you need to talk about. It's such a release to be able to share your heart and know that someone else understands how you feel.

Additionally, Sarah's Laughter has created an Infertility Encouragement reading plan through the YouVersion App and sends out Daily Double Portions, email encouragement full of love and support for those struggling with the unmet desire for a child.

Please consider supporting Sarah's Laughter, and please let us know how we can pray for you!


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