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Posted on February 12 2015

I bought these bracelets for my family to wear, because my 1 year old great nephew/godson is in CHOP's (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) with a disease called SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency disease - That's the boy in the bubble disease). My husbanc and I took him to the hospital, with my niece, on his 1st birthday (12/1/14) because his lips, fingers and toes were turning blue. The hospital diagnosed him with pneumonia. Two days later, he was put on a respirator and later diagnosed with SCID and rushed to CHOP. He has since been given only a 1% chance of surviving. This disease is most often diagnosed by the age of 3 months. His doctor kept treating him (from birth) for upper respiratory infections, strep, allergies, etc. My niece took him to the doctor the day before his 1st birthday, because he passed out and was very limp and lethargic and the doctor sent him home saying that he has strep and he is teething. Jayden has been in the hospital for almost two months now. This hospital is wonderful!!! They have done a stem cell transplant, which could take up to 100 days to show acceptance or rejection and they are still working to get the pneumonia under control. At some point, in the future, he may need to have a bone marrow transplant. We are told that that was an option should the stem cell transplant fail. But he is still alive and with us. We take the 2 hour drive to see him every weekend and whenever we can take time off from work. We wear these bracelets to remind us that he is a fighter and that we need to be brave and send only positive vibes to him and that there is always HOPE. Every day truly is a gift from God and we pray that he will be cured.
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