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Ryan the Brave and Magnificent

Posted on January 05 2015

December 16th, 2011 is a day that will haunt me for the rest of my life. My then 11 year old son, Ryan, was rollerblading with his step-brother when he was struck by a car and thrown over 30 feet to the ground. Ryan sustained a severe Traumatic Brain Injury, he broke both is legs, he broke his right arm, and his eye socket. Our lives have since been changed in so many ways. Ryan underwent 8 major surgeries in 7 weeks, 4 of them being major brain surgeries. We spent months at a time at an out-of-state rehab facility, teaching Ryan everything all over again. Eating and drinking took 2 years to come back to him, but he can do them now. Walking is only done with assistance, and talking has not happened yet. Can you imagine going over 3 years without your child talking to you? It's heartbreaking, and exhausting.

But here we are, 3 years later, and Ryan is a living, breathing miracle. He's in an adapted school full time, he has therapy in school everyday, and we head back to Pittsburgh this summer for another round of inpatient and Locomotor training. We recently lost his state Medicaid coverage, and have been paying for medical equipment and the out-of-state therapies out of pocket. We are hoping this page can go viral, along with his other fundraising pages, so we can get everything he needs, without having to worry about the cost.

Please consider donating to my son, we would truly appreciate it. I am a firm believer in paying things forward, and I do so to other families who have gone through tragedies like ours.

Happy New Year! Thanks for reading our story.
Jessica, Ryan & Family
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