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Rebecca's Valiant Battle

Posted on April 21 2015

Rebecca's Valiant Battle
In 2010 my mother Rebecca felt a deep itch below her skin. It was an itch you could not relieve by scratching. The deep bruises caused by the attempt followed by severe jaundice alarmed her doctor to take action. "Pancreatic Cancer". Two words that will shatter your world and send you into a tail spin so fast that nothing can prepare you for the fight. The long and valiant battle was to begin.

Awareness comes from sharing stories. Rest assured, it gives me no pleasure to relive the spoils of this battle. Here we go, for the cause.

Rebecca was an R.N. working in Children's Hospital, San Francisco, CA. She was a nurse for 35 years. A health conscientious mother of four and devoted wife who believed in raising her family to eat only whole foods, local foods, foods in season and to avoid chemicals and processed foods. She never drank and she never smoked. Rebecca had a younger sister who's life was cut short at 39 years due to pancreatic cancer. So when this familiar beast reared its head and came knocking on her door, she knew it all too well.

The next two years of tests, Whipples surgeries, chemo therapy, radiation, hospital stays, ICU's, recovery floor, ICU gain, more surgery, more recovery, hope, no hope, good news, bad news, days of extreme suffering, days of comfort, new drug, drug allergy, seizures, pain, every pain drug known to mankind, self administration with a push of a button but regulated with a timer, repeated pushes of that button with no regards to the timer, giving up, getting up again to fight, pleading for it to end, getting up again, dialysis, more dialysis, cold, hungry, bloating, pain, craving chocolate, tears, visitors, more visitors, flowers, plants, more flowers, silence, awkward words, precious moments, more awkwardness, memories, stories, grandchildren, children, hospital menus, altering the menus, hospital releases, back in the hospital, toggling back and forth between two worlds.

This went on for over two years until Rebecca finally lost the battle with this unequally matched heavy weight contender. It's name is Pancreatic Cancer. Never in the history of this disease has it picked on someone it's own size. It's time to put an end to horrible disease. Let's find a cure.

I'm Dawn. Rebecca's daughter. I would really have liked to have my mom around a little longer. She had just turned 75.
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