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Rare Form of T Cell Lymphoma

Posted on October 13 2014

I am so fortunate to have a wonderful husband who took very special care of me while I had a rare form of T Cell Lymphoma. I kept on losing weight and couldn't really understand why but my lowest weight was 78 lbs. I am 5'4" and normally weighed 123 lbs. - so it was quite a shock to me that I kept on losing weight. My sweet husband researched the best oncologists and took me to Dr. Yang - who gently told me I had to gain weight in order for me to take the medicine I needed. They didn't tell me at that time that I had cancer but I ate lots of ice cream and gained enough to start my chemo. I was lucky that the chemo didn't make me sick and Bob would sit with me for hours on end while I had the chemo. Gradually I gained weight and after several months I was cancer free. My Dr. has a bucket of fresh roses brought to his office every morning and each patient is given a rose to take home with them after your visit. I can't really express how much I loved that rose and gradually I began to gain my weight back and starting feeling better. Near the end of my treatments Dr.Yang gave us the news that he felt I was cancer free but asked me to finish out my chemo ( which I did). I am happy to say that my hair is now growing back - very thick and curly - not at all my normal hair but am happy to have anything. My healing time was eight months of resting and getting stronger. I never felt that I was brave but I know how blessed I was to have my family support and lots of friends to sit with me while I was in bed. I am so thankful for the prayers and support I was given and now is my turn to help other cancer patients.


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