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Posted on October 12 2014

2006 - Fell into hold. Hurt left ankle. Damage on meridian.
2007 - F/T stressfull job-Exec. Assistant...ill by Sept. Quit Dec 2007 to research problems.
2008 - Jan 8th surgery to remove parathyroid tumor. MCS started.
2008 - April MCS stopped after ditching Ambian.
2008 - May, LLMD - Pure accident to select him. Thought I was still having thyroid issues. Lots of Labs = Lyme + Co-Infections, replicating Virals, Parasites, Molds, Fungal overgrowth, low adrenals, etc.
Treated slowly with natural methods at first.
July 2008 - Purchased Rife Machine. Herxed at every use. Met lots of other Lyme patients.
Oct 2008 - Made appt. to travel to Pforzheim, Germany for Far Infrared 880 nanometer treatments.
Feb 2009 - February in Germany. Doctor said "All Clear", but I did not feel any different.
2009 - Balance of year spent with Biofeedback therapist and herbal supplements. No better. EMF's got so bad I had to HIDE from all Technology!!
2010 - Moved into the country to get away from Towers, wifi, smart meters, cell phones. Lived in seclusion w/wonderful husband.
2011 - Had port installed in chest. Crawled around house for 2 months to recover from EMF's at hospital.
2012 - Seeing two N.D.'s - IV's for bodily support.
2013 - Appt. with Shallenberger...started Ozone IV's + ozone at home
2014 - Appt. with Schaller ... starting OVER and have NEW HOPE!!! TU Dr's Porter, Logan, Shallenberger and esp. Dr. Schaller. October, 2014 ~ DebGrace~
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