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Power Over Pain

Posted on March 23 2016

Power Over Pain
In April of 2015, I was a healthy, hard working, outgoing middle aged woman. My husband and I enjoyed dancing, long rides on our motorcycle and spur of the moment trips to nowhere. In May all of that changed. A simple case of plantar fasciitis eventually turned into 3 fractures that developed from daily walking. The doctor gave me a choice to cast for 6 weeks and hope it heals or do surgery that could lay me up for 6 months, after discussing the options with he and my husband we all agreed and I opted for the cast. 6 weeks turned into 9 weeks because x-rays were showing no sign or healing. After the 9 weeks it was determined the fractures had not healed and the fascia had a tear that needed surgery to repair after all. I had surgery July 15, 2015 since that date, I have never danced, taken a spur of the moment trip, or rode on the back of our Harley ever again. The day after surgery I woke up in the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced and to this day it has never gone away.  In late September it was a confirmed diagnosis of CRPS. Something neither my husband nor I had ever heard of. After sharing my diagnosis with friends and family we found no one had ever heard of this disease yet it had crippled me to the point I needed assistance getting out of bed, showering, walking, etc. How could we have never heard of this? I kept asking my doctors and researching and asking more questions and found they know as little as we do because there is so little research done. 

So the reality is I can no longer drive, I am legally handicapped and disabled. My method of transportation is my walker on good days and my electronic wheelchair on bad days when I need to leave my home. This disease has taken so much from our lives in such a short period of time. You'd be surprised at the comments people make, I've had people say " You don't look sick" It amazes me. I look in the mirror and don't know the person looking back at me. I get angry, sad and than realize how truly blessed I am. I have a husband that stands beside me every step of the way, cries with me and is there to wipe my tears as well. My support system is truly the best anyone could ever ask for, without them I wouldn't have made it this far.  This foundation was created toeducate people,spread awareness, advocate and to raise money for research that is so desperately needed to find a cure, so that one day we can say I used to have CRPS/ RSD- My name is Sharron Snavely and this is my story.
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