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Pancreatic Cancer

Posted on December 12 2012

Who is the bravest person you know? I am nominating my mom Rose farmer because one of the strongest people I know. She was diagnosed in September of 2010 with pancreatic cancer. They did surgery and removed 70% of her pancreas he gull blatter and spleen. Four week later she started the fight of her life with chemo. While fighting her battle my husband was diagnosed with a diffrent type of cancer and my mom held her head high and helped my husband threw his battle while still battling her cancer. One year later my mother started having problems again. Her cancer had come back and metastasized into her shoulder. She then held her head high again and started to face it head on again with chemo again. After three treatments and a pet scan her tumor marks had smaller but there were signs of a mass on her ovary. We went to see about getting the ovary and mass removed but it is very large and so she chose not to have it removed due to not knowing if the doctors could remove it all. With that being said. My mother ended up with a very large blog clot in her groin are to down past her knee. Her doctor had her have another pet scan because he said pancreatic cancer is known for causing blot clots. The pet scan showed that the cancer is larger and spread to many diffrent areas. My mother is a fighter and is now home fighting since sept. 25th 2012 when our doctor stopped the chemo. It has been in of the hardest thing we have ever faced together. But as my mom holds her head held high she tells me just one day at a time TOOTS. MY MOM ROSE FARMER IS A FIGHTER !!! That is why I think she deserves a bravelet.
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