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Overcoming Abuse God's Way

Posted on April 21 2015

Overcoming Abuse God's Way
Janet Marie Napper, Founder Overcoming Abuse God's Way

Janet has been preparing for this journey her whole life! In 2006 she traveled to South Africa to meet a friend, little did she know an invitation would come; one she’d only dreamed about to that point in her life. After hearing her testimony, the pastor of the church her friend attended asked her to pray about helping the church established a home for abused women. In 2007, the Place of Peace, was opened and deeply hurt women entered the home. Something else was born during that season; a crusade. Janet’s heart continued to overflow with love and concern for OAthe countless women who were trapped in abusive relationships and situations since early childhood who thought they could never have hope of a life of joy and freedom.
Her passion took her from church to church, radio to radio, ministry to ministry and home to home. As she networked with people and organizations all over South Africa, a greater vision was born; Global GoGirl. Janet desperately wanted to have away to reach women around the world and tell them there is hope in Christ and there is freedom and liberty if they would leave their abusers, even in some cases their captor.
The book about her journey was released in 2012 from Thomas Nelson’s Westbow Press titled Overcoming Abuse God’s Way, then curriculum to go along with the book that teaches others how to help abused people break free from the cycle of despair caused by those who have suffered such trauma at the hands of an abuser, be it parent, spouse, friend or stranger. Now training courses are available in communities wherever there is a willing heart. Now the ministry is branching out to Global GoBoy for MEN reaching those men who have also been trapped in abuse turning to anger, addiction and abusive men.
The Founder and Executive Director of Overcoming Abuse God’s Way understands the cause and effects of abuse firsthand, Janet was orphaned at two after being abandoned in an apartment and left for dead. God had another plan for her life; she was discovered and rescued, then spent many years trying to find her real purpose in life. When God opened the door for her to begin to help others find healing from abuse she knew she’s found her purpose. Janet’s life is one of amazing grace. Her book, “Overcoming Abuse God’s Way, Rags to Riches,” tells of her life’s story that began with tragedy and led to triumph through Christ Jesus.
Founder and Executive Director, Janet Marie Napper is the proud mother of four children; Peter, Christopher, Tara and Richard. Between them all she is just as proud of her grandchildren; Christopher, Destiny, Robbin, Alexander, Giovanni, Mackenzie, Caden, Liam and Taylor.
Janet Marie’s husband, Kenneth, is a testimony of God’s redemption and restoration from a life of abuse as well. Together they complete each other for themselves and the work of God. Kenneth’s heart is to be used of God to bring healing and restoration back to men for their families. He supports the calling of his wife Janet by prayer and giving to the ministry of Global GOGirl and as a Director for Global GoBoy for MEN. Together they pray daily for each other and thank God for His amazing love and faithfulness.
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