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Our very own Superman!

Posted on August 12 2013

Our very own Superman!
This is Aaron, he's our very own Superman!  Born at 27 weeks weighing only 2 pounds he came out fighting to live. It's never easy to watch your child struggle to breath so having him on the ventilator for several months seemed appropriate and while I thought upon his discharge from the NBICU that would be the end of fighting to live, I was wrong.

He would be home only 2 weeks before he'd have to return to the ICU.  We would eventually learn about diagnosis like Asthma and Chronic Lung Disease and yet we were hopeful he'd outgrow and overcome.  Sadly, our son would endure more frequent trips to ER, visits to the Pediatrician and Specialists and lengthy stays in the ICU.  Nothing seemed to help him "get better". Struggling to breath and just being tired all the time was NOT ok for us.  

So we found our own specialist.  A pulmonalogist 4 hours away and it would be this very Dr. who would order a simple, 15 minute non invasive test (ECHO) and it would reveal something no one considered.  A congenital heart defect (CHD) was the newest diagnosis (pulmonary vein stenosis).  Life saving open heart surgery at 18months old was the plan and we had to get educated quickly due to the urgency.  

This new diagnosis would rear its ugly head 3 months later and then again shortly there after.  Drs say it just happens.  Multiple invasive procedures is the norm.  I can't tell you how overwhelming this is, but I can tell you that despite being in the hospital for over 162 days in the first year of his life, our Aaron has remained strong, happy and our very own Superman!
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